Can I improve the look of Soft Shadows from Point Lights?

I’m using Unity 5.3.5f1 on a Mac (but this is the same on PC). I’ve created a test scene with 2 cubes, a point light and a small sphere (0.1 unit in diameter)

When using a realtime point light with soft shadows the shadows are split into, what looks like, three shadows. I can’t find any setting of the light, the camera, the quality or the unity-player that will remove these artefacts on soft shadows on point lights.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


NB: Switching the point light to a directional light or a spotlight gives a better result but I really need a point light.

DIRECTIONAL LIGHT - same settings as for point light

Hi Commander Coder,

We do not provide settings in the editor to improve point light soft shadows at the moment. However it is totally possible to improve it at the shader include level :slight_smile: Here is a nice example from the community →

More info :
A color cubemap is used for point light shadows (mainly because not all platforms support depth cubemaps) → This mean one can’t use hardware accelerated PCF fetch for point light shadows atm →
We have plan to change that (worked have been started) → Point light shadow filtering will also be improved.

Hope it helps :slight_smile: