Can I just scale my game for any resolution?

So, I’m having issues with resolution in my game. My game is a 2d game where the players need to see the entire scene at all times. If I change resolution, and please correct me if I am wrong, but it just changes the size of the main camera, meaning now the players see more than what I want them to see.

Is there a way where I can just scale everything that I want the players to see when they change resolutions instead of changing the size of the thing viewing it? I know that unity will basically do this if you try to set a resolution that is too high for someones monitor, it will scale everything down. So can I somehow make it so it will scale like this on my terms?


edit I don’t have time today to code, but this is what I am going to try and let me know if there is anything wrong with this: Calling findobjectoftype at the start of my game with the type of gameobject. Throwing all of those into an array, and using For Each and multiplying their scale by the screen resolution ratio. Then any new objects coming into the scene after load, having them instantiate at that same ratio. Good plan? Bad plan? I’ll give it a shot tomorrow.

If you want scale GUI , you need to do script like this:

if (Screen.width +1366 && Screen.height +768){ 
 //do it

Hope it helps , in the script you can change these numbers to custom numbers for your screen or other biggers :3