Can I load individual tga files into a sprite? Or how to stitch individual tag files into a sprite sheet?

I am porting a game for which I have 1000’s of individual tga single frame files that were done for displaying billboard explosions, etc.

expl1.tga, expl2.tga, … to expl24.tga for 24 frames for an explosion animation, for example. And of course “expl” is replaced with the name of the explosion/weapon and I have 100’s of different explosions file sequences.

I’d like to use Unity sprites for displaying the explosions. From what I read I need to create sprite sheet. Is there a way I can load individual tga files? Or, is there a tool or utility that would stitch my tga files into a sprite sheet in some sort of bulk fashion where I can load all the files for each explosion and produce a sheet?

I see a web tool called Stitch that would seem to do the trick but it hangs and seems to do nothing. Tried on several computers running windows or os X.

Appreciate any other suggestions…

Use the Sprite Packer.