Can I make a 64-bit game in Unity?

I am currently testing 8 players on one computer, and I’m shaking my head looking at how my one processor core is overloaded and the others are practically idling.

I clicked into “set affinity” and all cores are selected. The reason I think this is not working right is the program is running in 32-bit. Is there any way I can compile the game into a 64-bit program?

Being 64-bit or not has nothing to do with the number of cores used. You can’t force a program to be multi-threaded if it wasn’t programmed that way. That said, Unity 3.5 does have some improvements in that area, such as rendering being in a separate thread.

When choosing “target platform” in build settings you can choose Windows 64-bit. I guess that should work.

Yes, @Hordaland is exactly right,

When in File > Build Settings > PC and Mac Standalone, under the “Target Platform” dropdown box, there will be: Windows, Windows 64-bit, and Mac OS X.

This is just a bit more of a detailed version of @Hordaland’s answer, but he is exactly right!!!

Hope this helps you