Can I make a billboard plane on terrain tree prefab?

I made a plane in Max and painted a tree with an alpha on it. I painted that tree (plane) on the terrain layer. I want it to have billboarding to always see my 3rd person game cam. Can this work with the terrain like that?

This is what i used as a script that i threw in the tree prefab:

function Update()

{ transform.rotation = Quaternion.LookRotation(Camera.main.transform.up,Vector3.up); }

The code I have isn't working though.

I also tried this with no luck:

function Update()

{ transform.rotation = Camera.main.transform.rotation; }

Did you try the Billboarding script from the script wiki?

Just out of curiosity, why not add your tree billboards as billboarded terrain grass? Would achieve the same effect. And for that matter, they would even be able to sway in the wind.

hahaha no I did not try the Billboarding script from the script wiki! Now that I know that exists, I may juuust do that! Do you have a link?

The reason I didn't make it terrain grass is because my initial thought was: This tree type would only be painted far away from the player. I also have grasses as detailed grass. If I did the tree like this and it's only for distant trees, wouldn't I only see them as I just approached them like the grass layers? I know I can tweak the viewing distant of the grass details as a whole, but I don't want to have to 'draw' all that grass until i'm close...right?