Can I make a camera that has an orthographic vertical axis, but a perspective on the horzontal axis?

I have an idea for a game built around an unusual gimmick. Going into detail about what the gimmick is would be irrelevant, but the point is that for it to work I need the game environment to be displayed (and distorted) in a very specific way. I’ve only got two ideas for how it can be accomplished.

A. I somehow make a camera that is orthographic on the vertical axis but uses perspective on the horizontal axis. I’ve read something about custom camera matrices, but I’m still very new to Unity, so I haven’t learned much about that kind of stuff yet.

B. Making some sort of screen distortion filter that takes the middle row of pixels and stretches it vertically so it covers the whole screen from top to bottom.

Personally, I believe option A is the best way to accomplish what I want to do. I’ve looked at the Unity documentation for custom camera matrices (in C#), but it seems a bit complicated. Does anyone know if what I’m trying to do is possible, and is there any good tutorial for how to make custom camera matrices?

I know your question came and went a long time ago, but I was looking for something similar and found this plugin: