Can i make a DBZ game and release it legally??

can i make a Dragon ball z game and release it or will i get sued for this?? sry if this is a noob like question i have very low level of knowledge about this kind of things :frowning:

Basically - No.

The IP is owned and used by the owner, who I imagine would have a problem with you creating a game based on any characters, or even having the name, or even just the letters DBZ. Sorry but your best bet is to create a game “inspired” by them, and try to emulate similar characters, but your stuck using original names, and they cannot be very close replicas of actual DBZ characters. At least if you ever plan on releasing it anywhere, ever :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not a lawyer, but I imagine there are some possible legal problems arising even if you plan on making no money whatsoever, just because it might be mistaken for “offical” DBZ stuff… just like if it were any other IP.

You could make whatever you want and just keep it all to yourself :smiley: