Can I make a script run BEFORE a UI Button gets input?

When my game is paused and I select “Resume Game” on the menu, the button press is also detected by the player’s script. The player script usually ignores this input while the game is paused, but since the game was recently resumed, the player responds.

I tried changing the Script Execution Order, but the script won’t run before the menu buttons.

What would be the most elegant solution to this?

I’m not sure if i understand your actual problem right. If the problem is that the mouse down / up event of an UI button is resuming the game and the player script is reacting to the same event, simply delay the resuming one frame when the button has been pressed. So either use a coroutine which you start when the button is pressed or use “Invoke” with a normal method and delay the Invoke call slightly. A coroutine is probably the cleanest solution.

IEnumerator ResumeGame()
    yield return null; // wait one frame
    // disable your pause and GUI stuff here

void OnResumeClicked()

If that doesn’t solve your problem you should be more clear about your issue. Scripts don’t simply “run”. Scripts are classes which can have many different callbacks which may be called at different times.