Can I make animation clip release control?

I want Animation Track stop controlling other object and not revert object position, so that AI scripts can control object's movement, from the point recorded at animation's last frame, to wherever the script want, right after animation finished.
I've set Playable Director's Wrap Mode to "None", and Animation Track's Post-Extrapolate to "None".
When manually move current frame in Timeline window, positions are reverted.
When playing the game in editor, it still controls object's position until the whole timeline finishes.

Is there a way to achieve this in a single Timeline?

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Unfortunately not. The animation track, when in edit mode, always writes default values, even when no clip is enabled.

I have this same issue. I have a very simple scenario where I move a camera from A to B and then want to release control so that a script that keeps the camera over the player's head can take over.
I can enable and disable the script just fine, but the clip in track 1 still keeps control of the object even though it has ended!

I'm having this issue when in play mode, the clip in track 1 even though ended is still trying to control the object.