Can i make multiplayer game without unity multiplayer service ?


I’ve used multiplayer service of unity but this service is just has 20 slots of users and you need to buy more slots.

The question is can i make multiplayer game by use unet API without unity multiplayer service?

I want make simple game host-client host make a lobby and simple matchmaker, client join with host in his lobby.

What I need to achive that without service of unity

there are many more packs in the asset store for network functionality. e.g. Photon.
They mostly use a similar sales model… you get X number of “Free” concurrent users… (for development & testing) but you need to pay to use their services (code / servers / bandwidth) once you have a lot of players. The cost scales up and down with number of players.

Or you host your own server, with your own code.

Or see if anyone released a free network solution, you still need to provide some servers of figure out the hosting)

Note:- those paid solutions are generally very cheap for only a few players… if you have a lot of (paying) players then you don’t need to worry cost.