Can I make my own Metafiles and script assembly?

Hi everyone!

Im building a pipeline that creates scripts for gameobjects I place inside a unity scene.
At the current stage of the pipeline, Im able to create the a scene with gameobjects that have a script component. The scripts have metafiles, but for some reason the gameobject does not find the script and instead shows a “Missing or invalid script” warning from once I open the editor. If I drag-N-drop my script on to the component the game works as intended.
I believe this is due to the scripts and their metafile info is not being added to the /Library. Is there someway to add them to the library externally? Editing metafiles or config files? Can I use somekind of command at CLI level like “Unity.exe -batchmode -recompileAllScriptsAndPutThemInTheLibrary”?

Thanks in advance for your help

I managed to solve it myself by generating the metafiles manually using GUIDs that ensure there will be no collisions using a relatively simple Scala script. Assets, Scenes and their respective metafiles are relatively simple even though it might appear complicated at first glance, but follows a nice YAML structure and is easy to do once you get it. However, with things such as C# scripts you have to be careful as they will need script assemblies.
If anyone else comes by this post wondering how to do it feel free to contact me

Hi @lnz611 I’m interested to know more on how you did this as I want to create a similar pipeline. Are you available to chat about this anytime? My mail is

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