Can I make NavMesh's MAX SLOPE higher than 60°?

Hi all,

In the latest version of Unity, is there a way to bake the NavMesh Max Slope higher than the maximum 60° it allows you to choose in the Navigation menu?
I’ve read that 90° was possible in previous iterations, if that helps.

I wish for my player to go up and down a quarter-pipe in a skate park.

Thanks :slight_smile:

If anybody else stumbles across this the answer to this is you cant.

I’ve also made a post here: Unity Issue Tracker - Navmesh slope is clamped to 60 since Unity 5

I don’t know why they limited it since it limits control on what we can and cant do. I cant lie I’m pretty upset about this since now I have to bash my head on a wall… great…

Good day.

I really don’t know because i never needed vertical navmesh, only used 0-30º aprox. But did you explored the navmesh off.links ? With some animation, maybe thay can give you the solution.