Can I make the player stick to a moving hit point?

Hi, I’m making a third person climbing system climbing system where you can climb monsters like shadow of the collosus or dragons dogma.

Right now my character can climb on wall and around corners, climb from object to object and IKs all work but the character does not follow the object it is climbing if it moves.121560-ezgifcom-optimize.gif

You might be about to say just set the character to be the child to the object, but in final project the player will be climbing on animated models, so I will need the player to stay at the point on the surface of the colider.

Is this possible to have the character remember a point on a surface and follow it?

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Maybe try raycasting a point from the player and telling it to move to the hit point.

in Big games where you climb on monster they actually ask you to press key and when you press key they play animation of climbing and get you direct to player head and then you have to hit him in head or something like that so may be try playing animation.

I have solved the problem.

I just made the player and climb helper be children of whatever object they are climbing.121618-ezgifcom-optimize1.gif

Idea, first of all player will hit boss from ground then after reducing some xps make boss stop so it wont move and your player will climb on it or make a player child of boss so it will move with boss. what do you think??