Can I not Use Void Start this way with 2 animation references?

I’m finding it will only read the animation reference on top and not the one on the bottom?

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ApproachWarningPanelManager : MonoBehaviour {

	float volume = 0.3f; //Clip Volume Setting

	//Reference to Animations
	public GameObject ApproachWarningPanelAni;
	public GameObject RadarSweepAni;
	//Audio Clip References
	public AudioClip WindowSlideInFX;
	public AudioClip WindowSlideOutFX;
	//animator reference
	private Animator anim;
	private Animator anim2Radar;

	void Start () {
		//get the animator component
		anim2Radar = RadarSweepAni.GetComponent<Animator>();
		//disable it on start to stop it from playing the default animation
		anim2Radar.enabled = false;

		anim = ApproachWarningPanelAni.GetComponent<Animator>();
		anim.enabled = false;


	// Update is called once per frame
	void Update () {

I’m guessing the animator is somewhere down the hierarchy and GetComponent is failing to find it… Change your variable declarations to

Animator BlahBlahAnim;
Animator YadaYadaAnim;

You can still drag and drop gameobjects on it in the editor, but it’ll automatically check for the component and assign it instead of the gameobject itself.