Can I open an older Build in Unity?

Since I screwed up in my project, I’d like to start over with an older version, is there any way I can open an older Build in Unity, so I can work on it again?

I Think so… don’t hestitate to try

1 You can open an older version of your
project with a newer Unity version.
The project is automatically updated
to the editor version.

2 You can of course open it with the
version you made it with.

3 When you try to open a newer project
with an older Unity Editor version,
things might get problematic. You can
still try. It also helps to delete
the contents of the folder “Library”
in your main project folder. There
are only temporary data but the Unity
Editor needs it. If you delete it,
Unity will rebuild this data. So if a
version downgrade of your project
does not work, you could try to
delete the contents of the Library
folder first.

– Make sure to backup your project first in case something goes wrong