Can I place an object on my hands with Unity's AR capabilities

I am working on an augmented reality game and I was wondering if would be possible to have my hands act as a target and then have Unity overlay an object into the hands. Any help with this is really appreciated

Since you’re already working in Augmented Reality, I believe that you know that Unity is a generic game engine and doesn’t have any AR functionalities or libraries inbuilt with it.

We normally use 3rd party libraries like PTC Vuforia, Kudan AR and ARToolkit which has numerous functions like Image tracking, markerless tracking, etc.

But to track your hand movements in real-time and place an object on top of it, you might want to purchase a sensor like Leap motion.

If you have a Tango enabled device like Lenovo Phab 2 Pro you can target Tango SDK - which is an AR platform under development by Google.

Also you can opt for AR headsets like Meta 2 DK or Microsoft Hololens which provides a lot more features in addition to hand tracking (like Gesture recognition and SLAM)

PS: You can refer to the attached links to learn more about the functionalities supported by each platform