Can I play video on an iPhone inline (on a texture or ui element) or will it trigger QT player?

So here is my concern:

I am making an app where I want the player to view a video and right after the video is over I want to ask the player questions about that video. So I want the ability for the user to just hit play and that’s it. Pause, rewind, etc… will not be available. I tried to make this app with an html/javascript framework but I was having no success just getting the video to play inline (i.e. within the page). The video always would play in qt on iPhone and I read Apples’ docs, they said Safari for iPhone will always have that behavior. I did read that Phonegap has the capability to play inline or maybe hide the controls, can’t remember which, BUT Phonegap is riddled with performance issues.

I was elated to see that Unity 4.6 was released last week, so I am starting to use Unity instead for my project. But now I ran into this new problem. With Unity you have to have pro to play video, and also think you need iOS pro to play streaming video on iPhone which is what we need. We do not have a problem paying for the pro versions but we don’t want to commit the money to this if it cannot be done. Anybody have any information on this?

I’m pretty sure iOS won’t allow it.

However you CAN stream images from the disk. It will work in unity but the bigger your resolution the longer it will take to load each frame. If your video isn’t much bigger than 512x512 i’d recommend going with unity. If not I’d do the same thing with native code on the target platform.