Can I program in C++?

Hi Im a C++ Programmer and want to create a Android and iOS game in Unity. I dont know C# (I believe C++ and C# are pretty similar), or Javascript. Is there any way i can program C++ in Unity??

You can’t, C++ is not one of unity’s scripting languages. It is possible but compicated and really not recommended, to use plugins in Unity Pro to develop in C++. I speak from experience when I say that for a C++ developer learning C# is very easy. Mostly you have to get used to the syntax that is a bit different, and to the fact that almost everything is by reference and not by value.

Try starting from here:

And feel free to log into Unity Feedback and vote for one of the requests to support C++:

Unity only has 3 languages integrated with it:
JavaScript (UnityScript)
If you want to code in c++ you must integrate it manually - which takes work, time and a mother-lode of effort - I would not recommend it.