Can i provide a google blogspot link as a publisher page in where i made a portfolio for my product

I upload Texture pack in unity asset store but after few days it declined and a reply came from unity that …

‘12 High Regulation Metal Body Pack’ has been declined.

"We are concerned about the level of your professional appearance online. We ask that you provide a link to a professional portfolio site to show your experience on your publisher page. This is beneficial to establish yourself as a trustworthy seller to your user base.
If you are a student or a start up publisher and don’t have a website ready yet, please provide a Linkedin profile, or any popular online art communities you have joined, for instance, ArtStation, Behance or DeviantArt.

So my question is that if i make a blogspot site for my portfolio is it acceptable in unity asset ? Plesae help me . Thanks.

Yes you can either just link your publisher link to either a Facebook page, devientart page or just a free website showcasing yourself. The best bet is to establish a “support” site, which customers who have purchased your products can come and seek help.

If you are willing to invest a little money in yourself I would recommend a cheap domain and hosting package. and are good choices and there are plenty other sites as well.

Godaddy offers 1 year domain and 1 year of hosting for under $20.