Can I publish my game with the CC license?

Hello everybody here,
I want to “publish” my game on a public repository on Github( you know GitHub, you may wonder why, but thats beacuse I want to try to work on my game with someone else over the internet.I know how to do this, but I want to know if I’m allowed to do this. My Unity Project has a “license”-note, which says, my project is under the creative commons license. Can I publish my game with free assets form the asset store and with the Unity free version on GitHub?

Can I publish my game… on GitHub?

Yes, absolutely. You own the copyright to any content you’ve made, so you’re free to share it wherever you like.

Can I publish my game with free assets form the asset store… on GitHub?

Maybe, maybe not. When you use someone else’s assets, you must license them. When you download assets from Unity’s Asset Store, most assets are bound by a EULA of some sort; many are bound by the Asset Store standard EULA, but there are several which apply their own terms. Such terms might include a mention in credits, among other things.

For example, if you use any assets under a Creative Commons license, you will need to make sure that you follow the terms of that license. Usually that includes crediting the author(s). It may also include a “share-alike” clause, restrictions on commercial use, and so on.

One sticky point: by default, the Asset Store EULA allows you to redistribute those assets only as part of a finished, built game. Putting them up in source format is probably not allowed, unless the author gives you a license allowing you to.

I dont see why not. The only thing is if you publish the game there is a section in the end user agreement stating

Entity Size Restrictions for Unity Free

Unity Free, which include the free platform add-on products, may not be licensed or used by a commercial entity with annual gross revenues (based on prior fiscal year) in excess of US$100,000, or by an educational, academic, non-profit or government entity with a total annual budget for the entire entity (based on prior fiscal year) in excess of US$100,000.
hope this helps