Can I publish unity tutorial project as mine

Hello I’m new to unity and I have a doubt that can I publish unity tutorial project as mine with free pricing?


as your questions does not really provide specifics it is kind of hard to give a correct and absolute answer to this but nonetheless it will probably be: No, you can most probably not publish this as your own

Because in the end it boils down to intelectual property (IP). All Graphics and so on in a tutorial belong to the creators of a tutorial. If you do a tutorial you are granted usage rights for said IP.

At the moment that you want to redistribute such IP you basically commit copyright infringement.

Basically this counts for all graphics, complete code, sounds and similar things that you find on the internet: Unless explicitly stated (like distributed under the “creative commons 0” license) you are most probably not allowed to distribute these things that others created yourself in any form.

So can I modify that project and publish as mine?