Can I remove READ_PHONE_STATE permission on android while using Unity IAP?

I’m using Unity IAP - obviously for the in-app purchasing feature. The problem is: using Unity IAP automatically adds request for READ_PHONE_STATE on android.

I don’t want this because some of my users would think suspicious about this permission. Actually revoking this permission (in Android 6+) does not block the purchase itself.

Is there any way to remove the request of READ_PHONE_STATE permission while using Unity IAP?

I just had a quick look and found this. The last entry is from 8 days ago:

the solution seems to be exchanging the used IAP version.

@LuciaEllan and @hexagonius This spurious permission has been fixed in Unity IAP 1.9.2. Please update using the Services Window. We apologize for the inconvenience - we are adding permission checking to our QA process to catch this in the future. See for more.

If you are using the Unity Facebook SDK:

Versions 7.9 and above of the Facebook SDK prompt Unity to auto-include the READ_PHONE_STATE permission. Installing 7.8 or below does not prompt its auto inclusion. Hope this helps.