Can I resell assets i purchased in the store ?

European laws allow the resale of software. How can I resell the assets I purchased on the store?

no, you cant sell somebody else’s work on the assets store. Also unity isn’t based in Europe, it is based in San Fransisco, California.

no matter what laws are ok in your district, you cannot sell anyone else’s work. You must do you own assets or projects and you can sell those. If you try to sell someones works on the asset store you will be sued by unity and the person that you plagiarized. Read over the user rights on the asset store for clarification. Besides, why would you want to sell work you did not do, that makes no sense. Are you just lazy? or did you mean can you sell a project that uses some part of someones work? if that is the case, you still cannot without their permission, even if the asset is free.

I donì’t want to resell the work I want to resell the licence. Read the article about Oracle.

Yes but I live in Italy and any sell is under european laws
I dont want to resell assets as my work but resell like any other software, Oracle software for example.
I want to resell the licence.

EU law:

Sorry article is in italian: