Can I rotate a hinge joint where the angle limits aren't working?,Can I rotate a hinge joint, to minimize its rotation when angle limits aren't working?

Hi I have tried what appears to be every combination of angle limits, mass for a rigidbody, and various other available settings.

I have a pole and a board on that, when there is a collision on the board, the board should act on the hinge and seesaw to at most, around 35-40 degrees on either side. If you see the attached video, the board does about 360 before coming to an end.

Is it possible that the hinge should actually just be upside down? Is it possible to do that?

If not, here are my attached settings, maybe it’s a misconfigured setting. Thank you in advance either way!

Current Hinge Joint

Current Pole Settings

Current Board Settings

Video of current action

You need to change the Anchor position and that will change the direction of the hinge. For example, I had to set X to 0.01 for a door hinge to point into the door.