Can I run a lobby and multiple instances of my main game scene for multiplayer?

So, in our game, we’re trying to keep a lobby running continuously and kick off our single scene multiple times. So, we may have hundreds of people in the main lobby, several games running, and the next 25 ready for a game can start one by clicking a play button.

I can see where running multiple scenes is not possible, but how do we accomplish what we’re trying to do? There aren’t many solutions for this I have found. Maybe I’m not searching for the right terms?

I know thread is a bit old, but I have actually same question.

I am aware, this can be done, by opening separate application each time and then communicate via network, between each instance. But these are not hidden.
But question I got, can this be done in separate processes, so they are opened automatically as hidden processes, and using main game process as the monitor with GUI interface.
I presume, by starting executable (hidden) file?