Can I run two AnimatorControllers at once? can i set one up through a scripted object?

Hello everyone,

Currently I’m setting up a Sword system to where, I am using scripted objects so each model of swords I am able to change different values such as damage or blocking to each sword, along with this I wanted to do the same thing for different animation sets to be played with different swords. I figured I could accomplish this by adding the AnimatorController to my ScriptedObject File, so when i take an instance of it and when i set it to an object named “sword” I can add the AnimationController to the instance along with all the values.
[Picture Below]

However inside my c# file where im setting up doing all the animations I am unable to do the specific functions im trying to grab, such as SetBool, SetInt, SetFloat, GetBool, etc…

How would I be able to Grab those values, Any help is appreciated!

Basically im asking: How to run a animatorcontroller using a instance of a scriptedobject