Can i sell a game i made with Unity Free with assets i didn't create?

I have spent a LOT of time working on a game that i have been looking to sell on my website. The game i am making is absolutely huge. I am only going to sell it for a matter of pennies (about 99p). I have a tonne of traffic on my site, people are getting bored of waiting for the game to be released. Can i release the game even though quite a few of the assets haven’t been created by me? Do i need to create 100% of the models, 100% SFX, 100% textures etc…? If so, i am going have to start fresh! D:

I have made sure that the assets i have are either from the asset store, under a creative commons licence, or from someone that has given me permission. Please say that i can sell my game. I hate donations, i get hardly anything! :frowning:

Thank you very much! Jamie

I recommend reading the entire license agreement for every asset. If they all state you are free to use the content in commercial applications (or likewise not state you cannot use them for commercial), you should be good to go. If possible, it’d be smart to contact every single creator of your assets to verify. That would be the only 100% sure way to know. I don’t believe creative commons licenses allow for commercial use, so I suggest reading the exact type of license the CC assets are under. Assets you have been given explicit permission from the artist to use commercially are fine.

Another thing: even if you use copyrighted assets, many (I can’t say it’s true in all cases, so it’s still wise to avoid doing this) people will not press legal charges unless you earn more than a certain amount selling the product.

Look at their entire license. If they say you can’t sell an asset that has it in it, you can’t sell the asset. You can get into trouble for selling it. If the asset says you can sell it, you are fine as long as you give credit to that person or company.