Can I sell Blender objects on other sites and on Unity at the same time?

If I create an item or set of items in blender and then sell the finial .obj in Blender Market and wish to sell it in Unity as an asset too… does that interfere with any Unity licenses?

Now I am only talking about items I create in Blender and wish to sell in multiple sites. The items I import into Unity and set up.

I create a sword in Blender and sell in Blender Market with the associated textures with other weapons I create as a package. I import said items into Unity and make sure the items look correct and decide to sell them in the Unity store.

With Blender Market they say if I created it, it is mine and that I can sell it anywhere else. And that they in fact encourage me to sell it other places too.

Though if someone knows a better places to sell 3d models besides or in addition to Blender Market, let me know! I still plan to sell in Unity as long as I am free to sell it to other places as well.



Yes of course. Did you read the Asset Store Submission Guidelines?

I did but did not see that part, saw the part on the Licenses but being really new at this I did not understand what the different licenses were and such. I will reread and google parts that I am not familiar with. Thank you for answering :slight_smile: