Can i sell games if i use Unity Free and i don't have a Company?

Can i sell games made with unity free if i don’t have a company?

Yes. Unity only requires you to purchase a premium subscription if your game makes a particular amount of revenue, as detailed on the license comparison page.

Yes you can if your revenue does not exceed $100k. You can find all the information regarding prices and perks in Unity store.

Hi! According to a post I found on the unreal engine’s support site for this same topic, user Jamendxman3 says:

Setting up and doing business under a legal entity is generally for your own protection (Liability, etc.), and is not required to sell products(Games) (Unless your country happens to have laws stating otherwise). In the United States, a corporation is legally recognized as a person, so you can imagine how that plays out with things like Steam, and taxes.

And user SaviorNT says:

If you’re in the US, before publishing you will want to create a company to sell the title under. One of the better reasons is due to taxes… as an individual selling stuff, your taxes at the end of the year will be a mess - additional income taxes, expenses, etc… Creating a company provides tax benefits, especially if you’re a start-up. Not too mention you can be eligible for additional grants and loans.

As far as sole proprietorships go, I would stay away from those, as they do nothing to protect you. Instead, incorporate as an LLC (limited liability company).
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Hope that helps!