Can I sell games made with Unity free?

I searched this question for a while and could not find any answers that helped me so... Can I sell games made with Unity free? I was told that you can sell games made with Unity free, but you have to buy a license one you make 15k? I'm confused please somebody help me!

Yes you can use Unity free if you/your companie had a turnover in excess under one hundred thousand U.S. dollars in the last fiscal year.

Which means that, if you earn $100k by the end of the 2010. you will need to buy a Unity pro in 2011. As long as you earn less than $100k per year, you can use Unity free =)

Yes you can sell your games using unity free for pc mac and online. You can sell your game license or source code through

If you think you cant invest much into advertisng and publicity and dont want to take the risk of how market will react to your creation.

Best is to sell the game lincese or source code so you can make some upfront money and let publisher publish the game in the right way. Sell game license