Can I sell games made with unity on the IOS appstore?

I’m interested in becoming an IOS developer, and I wanted to know if I can sell the games I made with unity 3D on the appstore?

I would also like to know the process on how to get my game on the appstore.


Unity manual: Getting started with iOS development

There are a few development steps. Input is mainly touch-driven, and your target device may have a small screen with limited render capability. Texture, audio, and overall file size are more restricted. Any scripting feature relying on JIT compilation (such as reflection or dynamic typing) is verboten. iDevices don’t really handle exceptions or errors well. Unity on PC will try to keep chugging after a NullReferenceException. Unity on iOS will crash outright.

Many of these things may affect the design, asset, or scripting needs for your game.

Past that, you get to navigate the morass that is Apple’s developer program. It’s fun!

It’s not at all impossible, but it is very hard. It’s not going to be a Sunday afternoon project.