can i sell my game or share it free???

is it true that I should sell my game?

for example I do, take some assent from assent store or from outside Essent store…
can i sell my game ? or i just can make it free ??

and if the owner knows that him assent , and do protest to me, because the name of the maker assent was not in my game credits? or other problem?
whether it could happen to me?
Can you explain to me and make me not confused because it all? I’m worried if one day my game have finished, and someone protested to me … I’m confused what should I do …

This would be a question better suited for lawyers but generally:

  • For the Unity3D asset store see this 1
  • For anyplace else it is going to depend on the license / what the creator says. In general if you don’t have explicit permission from the author - you are asking for a potential lawsuit

Of course even with those two considerations its generally a good idea to have consult a lawyer before releasing a commercial game anyway to make sure that you haven’t missed anything that can get you in trouble. Free games can get in just as much trouble, however.