Can I Sell my Unity 4 iOS License?

I asked Unity Support if I could transfer my iOS license to an Android license. I was told they don’t do any transfers.

I created an app with Unity and it was rejected by Apple. I appealed, and they rejected the app outright. I’m not going into details, but the reasons I feel are unfounded and discriminatory on the part of Apple. I’ve found huge issues with the ethics of “curating” apps, which is essentially censorship. I will not be working with Apple further. So, I spent $400 on an iOS license not even a month ago and it’s completely useless now.

Can I sell the license? Is it technically possible?
I will NOT be using it anymore.
Can I sell it for a discounted rate to recoup some of my losses? That was a waste of $400.
I’m just an indie developer. To buy yet another license for $400 is alot of money for me.
I haven’t published an app yet, so I have no idea whether I’ll be one of the 80% of developers who make $300 off the life of their app. I’m on a budget.

I might add, I asked Unity Support about selling it, and there was no reply.

Any help appreciated.


hi just looked it up and it says that the licenses are unfortunately non transferable, can i ask if your license is in a company name?? as i was interested?