Can I set a string to android's clipboard?

I’ve tried several different things but no one worked.
I need a code to set a string to the android device clipboard so i can paste it later.

Clipboard = What is saved in copy and paste.

Its a late reply I know.
After searching a lot I got this which works best for both android and ios and all the other platform.
Check this out. - GitHub - sanukin39/UniClipboard: Simple clipboard plugin for unity

You can probably use one of the solutions:

Paste the code into a plugin or use AndroidJava API for direct calls into Java from Unity scripts.

this was already answered, but i dind’t find any answer simple enough for a so simple job
so i made it another way

  1. create an inputfield.
  2. set it to read only.
  3. use a button or any other way to set the inputbutton text to the string you want.
  4. the user can copy using the default system copy

i am not saying my answer is the best, but it works in android without the need to check versions
the only disadvantage is that you need a screen with a input field to do this, but i dont see a case were you will need to copy a text without being able to see it before

my screeen was like this