Can I set up a character selection screen?


My game is progressing really well but cant work out how to set up a character selection screen - there are 7 characters to choose from and they all enter the same world. Im trying to get away from having to make 7 worlds each with a different player.

Is it possible to script it so when a character is chosen in the character choice screen then that character is placed into the world as your player without the need to make 7 different worlds?

I hope ive made myself clear and any help will be gratefully recieved.


yes very easily what you would do is make an array of GameObjects then setup a GUI with buttons and upon clicking said objects you could then spawn the character according to the button you pressed.

for example in pseudo code


  //Spawn player at start location

GameObject[1].transform = startlocation

DrawMenu = false;



I have character selection screen and it is a scene what i want that selected player should go in my gameplay scene which is a different scene…how can i do it?

I think this tutorial can help you: 1
You just have to adapt for when you select a character you send him to you main scene.

How to make Character Select Screen like Mortal Kombat 9



#pragma strict

var target : GameObject;

function Start () {
target.renderer.enabled = false;

function Update () {


function OnMouseEnter () {

    target.renderer.enabled = true;

function OnMouseExit () {

   target.renderer.enabled = false;


The word (target) it’s plane has a fighter render texture