Can I simulate an object from 30000 meters away?

Hello Unity Answers Community,

I am using an object that is 10m x 3.6m X 1.83m (LxHxW). Then I’m zooming out 37000m and trying to still see it. I am trying to replicate a real camera. So the dimensions can’t change. I don’t have any of the camera specifications as of yet. Do you know if this is possible to achieve in Unity? If so how?

I just want to take screen shots from straight down.

Thanks! :smiley:

Well, from that distance, at most resolutions, the object would only take up a single pixel or less, correct?

There’s only one way I can think of to do this:

1.) You need to set your camera’s clipping bounds dynamically, scaling based on the zoom level to keep the object within the bounds but prevent z-fighting.
2.) You need to supersample. Render the frame at a resolution several times higher than the monitor resolution and then scale it down with cubic interpolation. That way the object still appears, even if it’s a fraction of a pixel.