Can i still make iPhone Games without a IOS license ?

i was wondering if i could still make iPhone games on Unity 3.2 without a iphone licence? im aware that without a licence i can't build the final project but can i still make and play using unity remote games with out the unity IOS licence ?


I don't think you can launch Unity in the mode to compile and create iPhone apps without a license... There's no iPhone "trial mode" or iPhone free that you can use. So I don't imagine you can use Unity Remote at all.

Also - when you're working on an iPhone project you'll need to use different compression for your textures, for example, and I don't think those features (and many others) of Unity will be available to you when you run Unity without an iPhone license. You simply cannot select the iPhone as the platform, and those options are what makes the difference in the end.

You might be able to collaborate with someone else who has a valid license (I don't know what Unity's license and agreement says about that), working with the thought in mind that when the assets reach him - he'll do the testing and performance optimizations. But he'll need to "port" or "tweak" pretty much all the assets you give him before he uses them in his iPhone project.