Can I suppress warnings when I use RaycastHit.textureCoord2?

Hello! I am using textureCoord2 to store data in my meshes about what type of material the player is running on to play different footsteps sounds. However not all of my meshes have this data. So when I check for it and the textureCoord2 data isn’t there I get this warning:

Mesh "chonx mesh" does not have a 2nd Texture coordinate channel.
Defaulting to channel 1
UnityEngine.RaycastHit:get_textureCoord2 ()

But there doesn’t seem to be a way to check if the data is there or not. Is there at least a way to suppress this warning? (it’s happening every frame)

In console window… Look on somewhere near top right corner, you will see three buttons indicating logs, warning and errors. Click on the warnings button which should be the yellow one, This way you would not see the warning in the console if that’s what you mean by suppressing them.

This link provides a good way to suppress individual warnings