Can I switch between 64 bit and 32 bit computer when creating my game?

I’m building a game for a showcase project and it’s my first time doing so and I’m also still new to c# and because of my lack of knowledge and experience, I’m using a tutorial to help me and its taking me a while to do so. I’m wondering since I’m building the game at the school on a 64 bit computer, will I be able to continue to create the game at home on a 32 bit computer and then switch back to the 64 bit when I’m at school. I have a unity 5.5 at school and unity 5.6 at home.

32bit vs 64bit shouldn’t be an issue. When you build, simply make sure you build for the right platform.

Although, 5.5 vs 5.6 will be an issue. You won’t be able to open your project at school, once you’ve modified them at home, since there’s no backward compatibility.

Just to fill in a couple of details…C# compiles to managed code, which is independent of just about anything: 32/64 bit, Windows/Unix, etc. Most of the resources are just data (not code).

The only things that really depend on 32/64 bit are the editor environment, native DLLs (rare) and any EXE you build. As long as you build 32-bit EXE that will work on either. Builds for WebGL and apps are not affected either way.

If at all possible, upgrade your home dev machine to 64-bit Windows. The memory limit on 32-bit can be a problem at times. 8GB is the practical minimum these days for many tools.