Can i test my android game

Ok i have a few android questions

1.Can i test my game before i pay the 400$

2.How could i control a zombie survival (No mouse or keys)

(there will be like a pretty big island and stuff)

3.How could i add controls for the android without screwing my default pc controls

4.Do i have to have pro In order to buy the android licence

5.How do i know if my app is to big to handle on a phone


  1. Yes, you can. Just build it and put it on your Android.
  2. You would obviously control it with touches? Not like the Android has a mouse, and keys would take up way too much screen space…
  3. I don’t understand how it would screw the default PC controls. If you implement the controls for touchscreens, it couldn’t affect your computer.
  4. No.
  5. By testing it?
  6. Your welcome.