Can I texture Big model with several 1024 textures


There have been several questions on this topic on the forum, but having looked through them there is still no definite answer on this problem :<

My modeling program is 3DS Max.

Let’s say I have a big model of an old hut, consisting of two floors having little extention rooms. The problem is that all the walls are all a solid object.

I can take the whole model and unwrap it using Unwrap UVW modifier, but there are so many walls (inner and outter surfaces) that if I squeeze them all into an area each side will have a very poor detail. In order to increase the level of detail my texture would have to be way beyond 4096x4096.

Is there a way to cut out each side of the building and apply to each part a dicent 1024p texture?

If it is possible, what is the name of such technique?

If not, I guess there is no other way than to separate the walls from each other and texture them as different objects, which is quite dissapointing :frowning:

Thank you very much!
Igor Aherne

Look into Multi/Sub Object materials. Each part will need to be a sub-mesh of the main object. Alternatively, each could be an entirely separate mesh - it really doesn’t matter to Unity how many meshes make up your object, as long as you have one parent that all other objects are children of.