Can I transfer my Unity Free License including all purchased Editor extensions to a new Computer?

Hey guys,

I am using Unity Free Edition for creating my own games,
however I am not using this as an Organization, just all by myself.
But my computer is already 5 years old by now and I would like to buy a new one rather soonish.

Now my question is:
Editor Extensions from the Unity Asset Store require “per-seat” licenses.
Can I somehow transfer my purchases to my new computer?
And is there a way I can use the same Unity Free License on my new machine?

I never purchased any Editor Extensions before, but I was going to.
So I have no idea whether they are bound to my account or my license.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like you can, we’ve been trying to merge assets purchased across 2 accounts here and only found the following articles:


Looks like you need to grab the .unitypackage files out of the download folder and import them manually.

Then keep doing that in the future as packages are updated.