Can I use a 24bit R8G8B8 DDS file as a texture?

Hi, everyone. First of all, I’m very sorry because I can’t speak English well. :slight_smile:

I’m making a web game with Unity3D. And I want to use a 24bit R8G8B8 DDS file as a texture. But I got a problem.

I have 2 textures. The firest one is a 24bit R8G8B8 DDS, The second one is a 32bit A8R8G8B8 DDS.

They work well with DirectX Texture Tool, 3dsMax, PhotoShop and etc.
alt text

But the 24bit R8G8B8 DDS doesn’t work well with Unity3D Editor. It has so much blue colors.
alt text

And the 32bit A8R8G8B8 DDS works well.
alt text

Why do they work so?

Can I use a 24bit R8G8B8 DDS as a texture?

Is there any special reason that it isn’t possible?

Plz, answer me.

Unity converts any images you provide, so don’t worry too much about what you start with - convert it to PNG in another app if that fixes the problem, it will still get reprocessed by Unity anyway.