Can I use a script from Unity microgame in a commercial project?

Unity provides a really cool Kart Controller script in the Kart Microgame. I’d like to modify it tiny bit and use it in my, potentially commercial, project. Is it allowed?

FAQ says:

Assets in our tutorial and example
projects are well known and therefore
we recommend you don’t use them in
commercial games and content. They are
meant to be used in non-commercial
content for educational purposes only.
The assets may not be resold.

I’m still unsure. First it says it’s not recommended, so it suggest it’s potentially possible. But in the next sentence it says that the assets are meant for educational purposes only. So the second sentence contradicts the first.
I found a similiar question from 2015, but I’m afraid the answer may be outdated.

the karting microgame appears to be licensed under Standard Unity Asset Store EULA license

you can click on the license link for more details on using parts of the assets in your game.

apart this, how I understand this is that these are learning tools and most of the time are basic versions of more complex game behaviors which you can try to extend after understanding the basics

As long as you don’t repack the kart microgame as it is and then sell it to someone else, then you should be fine using small pieces from the kit for your game.