Can I use a used Mac Mini for iOS development?

Hello there.

I’d like to deploy on iOS, however, I don’t have a Mac nor any of my friends (or anyone in a radius of some miles)… These devices are extremely expensive in my country (in some stores a brand new one costs ten times the minimum wage - yeah, the income of almost one entire year), so I’d like to know if I can buy a used one to deploy my stuff on iOS.

If the answer is positive, I’d appreciate if you could give me some advice on what models to look for since in my country they are even selling the old PowerPCs (e.g.: 7200) and they’re relatively popular in the consumer-to-consumer websites, but obviously they’re not suitable for Unity development.

Thank you in advance.

Basically, all you need is a iOS developer account, which is not very cheap (ironic) and yearly (x2 ironic).

That means, ownership of a Mac, doesn’t matter brand new or a used one.

If you have Unity Pro, you can try Unity Cloud: CI/CD Cloud Build Automation & Deployment Tools | Unity

Here are some more basic stuff:

You need a relatively recent Mac, since deploying to iOS typically requires the latest (or second-latest) OS. So a 2009 Mac mini or later is fine.

The easiest route to go is to install OSX on your PC.

Check out these resources for help on how to do this:

Keep in mind that you will still need an iOS developer account: