Can I use a user's mp3 music as background in an app?

I am getting ready to set up for making mobile apps and before I get all the Pro versions of everything I want to make sure of something…

Can I make use of a user’s mp3 library in an app and use their songs as background music? I know that sounds like an obvious thing but I can’t seem to find any definitive answer about it.

Basically I want to let the user use their own music as the music in an app. Is that possible for iOS and Android?

prime31 has a plugin for the media player for iOS.

They don’t have one for android yet, but they launched their android apps fairly recently so they might have one in the works and you could always ask.

It’s definitely possible with iOS, dont know about Android, but I assume so. I published a plugin for iOS to the asset store that enables users to play music from their device’s music library, even audio books. It supports M4As and playlists too.