Can I use an asset from the Asset Store without a Unity License or Full version of Unity?

I have been playing around with Unity for quite a while now. One of the major things that got me interested was the TerraVol voxel terrain system. I am considering buying it from the asset store. However, I do not own the full version of Unity, just the one you can download for free. Nor do I have a Unity license because for the moment I am just using it for my own education/hobby. Can I still use TerraVol without the full version of Unity and without a unity license? Before I go and buy a $65 piece of software I want to make sure I can actually use it.

Free version users are entitled to use the asset store. Just make sure that what you are buying doesn’t somehow use Pro Only features to work!

There isn’t any “full version”, or rather the Unity you’re using is already the full version. Unity Pro is just a license, it’s not a different download, and doesn’t inherently function any differently (just some features are enabled that don’t work otherwise). You can’t use Unity at all without a license, so if you’re using it, then you have a license. That’s what you’re doing when you register it: getting a license.