Can I use an asset I bought to build a demo scene for my asset ?

Hi !

I’m building a vehicle controller and I intend to make it available as an asset. Can I use an asset I bought to build the demo scene that will be integrated to my asset ?

Should I ask the owner of the other asset ?


I don’t deal with assets what so ever so I may be wrong, but from what I’ve heard, as long as you don’t sell your asset for money, you’re fine.

No, you can’t. You are not allowed to redistribute assets you got from the assetstore in “asset form” to other people. That would even include free assets. If in doubt contact the asset developer and explain your case in detail. He can make exceptions but if it’s a paid asset i doubt he will.

You can create a “demo build” (standalone / android / webGL / …) and distribute that build but not the asset itself as part of a scene.