Can I use Character Controller with animal characters such as a crocodile?

In our project we want to make use of characters with forms other than those of human proportions. We have a crocodile, but the CC (Character Controller) isn't really shaped appropriately. The best I can adjust the CC is to create a perfect sphere with high radius but this isn't good since the sphere will become larger than the top and bottom of the animal. I realize that using a CC might not be the best solution for this, but if there is some quirk around making this happen, I'd be keen to listen.

Crocodile with inappropriate collider

Crocodile with inappropriate collider. Grawl.

In case you know no feasible solution with CC, maybe you know of an alternative approach that mimics the CC, but allows for different colliders?

If you add a cuboid as a child to the char controller and give it a collider (but no rigidbody), does that help? I'm unable to open Unity to test, but it may be worth a try.

If that doesn't do it, you'll probably have to switch to using rigidbodies + script control, as the character controller only comes in capsule flavor. There's no equivalent to the .Move function, unfortunately; you'd have to simulate it with raycasts / collision detections.

using thick raycasts like SphereCast is a better idea because character controllers are made for game characters (mostly human characters) they don't even work with all diferent heights and radiuses as well as they should but when possible using them could be a big time saver. be warned that CC is too heavy, when i was testing it for an MMO server it should me that 1000 CCs moving around are much heavier than normal colliders/rigidbodies moving. maybe if you do raycasting as much as CC it becomes heavier or as heavy but we did not need it in that time.