Can I use decompiled code from UnityEditor.dll in my Game

The reason I’m asking is because I need in-game transform handles. Inside the Editor I can use something like Handles.RotationHandle, but since they are in the Editor Assembly, they are unavailable in the standalone build.

I found this github repo which includes the decompiled source code for both UnityEngine and UnityEditor. According to Aras, it’s legit to be up there. So my question is: Does it exist so that people can read through it (purely for educational reasons), or can I actually use it in my commercial product aswell?

PS: Regarding the original problem (having in-game transform tools), there are of course these gizmos, but they do not meet my needs (especially rotation). So if I’m not allowed to use the editor code, I’m going to implement my own solution, which is of course time consuming…

Well, if your really consider using something from those assemblies, you should really contact the Unity support about that. The UnityEditor assembly belongs to the editor application and not the Unity engine. It isn’t ment to be shiped with a build in the first place. So make sure you get the premission before you release something that uses code from those assemblies.

Apart from that you probably need to copy quite a bit of various code fragments to get the handles working. Also don’t forget if you get permissions to use code, that doesn’t cover “content” like internal shaders and textures which might be used in the editor code.

It’s probably easier and less painful to roll your own solution. However i have to admit the handles in the editor are working pretty well and it could be tough to replicate them.